to my suprisejapanesexxxx极品少妇

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to my suprisejapanesexxxx极品少妇

I had completed my first year at work after leaving university and I fancied a holiday.  I decided to stay in a holiday camp on the south coast of England near my old university and where many of my friends had settled.  My intention was to relax in the facilities at the camp and visit my friends during their free time (after work, etc.).The first night I met up with my friend Phil and went to a restaurant and then on to a pub.  Unfortunately Phil had to get up early for work and so he turned in early.  I headed back to the holiday camp.  When I arrived it was still early and, not fancying going to bed yet, I decided to head to the bar.It was in the bar that I first met Lucy for the first time.  Lucy was on holiday with a group of friends to celebrate her forthcoming 50th birthday.  Lucy and her friends were very friendly and welcoming.  Despite our age gap (my being 22 and their being all late 40s or in their early 50s) I enjoyed their company and we soon found ourselves chatting and playing drinking games in the bar.  Lucy was a friendly outgoing lady with a huge smile, long red hair, a fuller figure with great legs, large 38DD breasts and a curvy arse.  Lucy was dressed in a low cut floral dress and much of her cleavage was on display.  Despite being in the company of her husband, she flirted terribly with me, continually making suggestive comments towards me and leaning forward giving me a great view of her large tits down her dress.The night finished very late with us all having drunk far too much.In the morning I headed to the pool feeling very hung over with the intention of having a relaxing swim.  Whilst I was lounging around in the pool Lucy and her husband Ray came into the pool.  Lucy was wearing an extremely revealing white swimming costume.  The costume was cut high above her hips and very thin at the rear leaving little to the imagination with most of her firm bottom cheeks on display. Whilst the top half covered her large breasts, after she had dived into the water and stood up again her large brown nipples were clearly visible through the white material.  I could barely look away from her tantalising body.Lucy and Ray came over and said good morning.  Before long Lucy's friend Angela came into the pool and the two of them set off for a swim leaving me talking to Ray.  After a little small talk Ray said to me "She has a terrific figure for a lady of her age don't you think?".The two of us stood admiring her body and I had to agree with him.  Ray told me how a medical condition meant he could no longer have sex with Lucy for the past 6 or 7 years.  Then, to my suprise, he asked me if I wcould help him by being her a 50th birthday present.  At first I wasn't sure what he meant until more directly he asked if I wanted to have sex with her. I thought that he was joking and I wasn't sure what to say.  Ray assured me that he wasn't joking, commenting how he had noticed how she flirted with me the night before and that she clearly fancied me.  Then he repeated the question at which point I agreed.Later in the day after somw shopping in town I bumped into Angela.  She told me that Ray had told her about Lucy's birthday present.  At first I was a little embarrassed but upon seeing how comfortable Angela was about the matter I began to relax.  Angela asked mer for a quick cup of tea.Angela explained that she and Lucy had been friends since school and were very close.  It appeared that Lucy had confided to her a fantasy in which she was fucked by a man in front of an audience and Angela wanted to make Lucy's fantasy some true in front of some of her closest friends.At first I had cold feet but Angela explained that I could wear a mask to disguise myself.  As I thought about the idea I began become turned on at the thought of fucking in front of a room of horny ladies, so I agreed.  Angela took my mobile number and said that she would be in touch with me when she had made all of the arrangements.It was a few days before Angela rang me, during which time I could scarcely keep my mind from wandering to the fantasy.  When Angela rang she explained that their friend was a rep at the holiday camp and was arranging a ladies night on the Thursday for Lucy's birthday.  More of their friends would be travelling up for the evening and a hall had been arranged at the holiday camp where there would be strippers and a disco for the ladies.  I was to fuck Lucy in front of her friends at the party.On the Thursday evening I met Angela at the fire door to the hall.  I could hear the bass of the music thudding from within the hall and ladies screaming as the strippers did their routines. Angela and Lucy had been shopping earlier in the day for some sexy clothing and Angela had led Lucy to think that I would be fucking her in a side room.Before long Angela fetched Lucy and told her to change in the ladies toilets.  As Lucy changed Angela asked me to strip naked.  I did as she asked and stood for a few minutes feeling very nervous as I waited for Lucy.Before long Angela led Lucy into the room.  She absolutely stunning.  She was wearing a black blindfold and a very short white nurses dress which scarcely covered her gorgeous arse.  The dress had a zip the full length of the front and was unzipped low enough to reveal a see through white bra which was struggling to contain her huge bust.  Her shapely long legs were covered with white stockings held up by suspenders which were clearly visible below the dress and this was all topped off with shinny black high heel shoes.Just looking at Lucy in this outfit already had my cock hardening, I couldn't wait to screw her.Angela passed me a black face mask which I put on to conceal my identity from the audience.Angela complimented Lucy on her outfit, telling her she looked a sexy slut and that she thought I would enjoy screwing her raw.  Angela led Lucy gently by her hand towards the door.  On the way she collected some lubricant and a large black dildo which was shaped like a cock with a suction cup at the base.She led Lucy through a door into the hall where the ladies were sitting quietly.  They had rearranged the furniture in the hall so that there were a table and a chair in the centre with chairs in rings around the outside.  There must have been around twenty ladies in the hall all which us expectantly.As we walked in a brown hair lady walked over to us with a camcorder in her hand filming us.  Around her neck was a professional looking camera.Angela led Lucy to the chair and she stood expectantly.  Angela then winked at me and told Lucy that I was ready in the room.  With all eyes upon me I nervously walked over to her and began to kiss her neck passionately as I ran my hands over her arse and legs.  Slowly I kissed my way down her neck working down lower and lower until I reached her ample cleavage.  I slowly drew down the zip of her dress to her waist revealing her huge see through bra in which enormous nipples crowned her glorious tits.I gently grasped her nipple through the bra with my lips.  Lucy began to gasp and I could feel her nipples harden.The camera lady came into view as she walked forward to get a clear view of me pleasuring Lucy.  This turned me on even more and my cock gently began to harden.   The lady dropped the camera view taking in my increasingly erect penis on the film.I drew my hand up the inside of Lucy's leg, over her stocking and up to the exposed white flesh above the stocking.  I gently reached up her dress to her knickers and pressed the palm of my hand against the outline of her vagina through her knickers.  Lucy gasped and her face flushed red.  She responded by pressing against my hand.Lucy lifted her bottom off the table and I slowly slipped the sheer black knickers down her gorgeous long soft legs.  I then guided her back to the table where she perched on the edge.  I knelt in front of her and parted her legs.  I had a clear view of her totally shaved vagina, the soft folds of her pussy lips clearly on display.  I planted a gentle kiss on her pussy before slowly drawing my wet tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top.  I then gently held her pussy lips apart and worked my tongue into her moist vaginal opening, tasting the slightly salty flavour of her pussy juices.  I drew my tongue higher to the top of her vagina where I parted her pussy exposing her hard little clitoris.  I slowly drew my wet tongue over her clit encircling her hard clitoris.  Lucy began to caress her own breasts through her bra, drawing her fingers over the increasingly erect nipples.  She began to tweak and squeeze her nipples, moaning as she did so.  She laid back on the table and relaxed as she took the pleasure from my tongue and her own hands.  Before long she began to groan and arch her back as she approached her first climax.  Her breathing became faster and faster and her moaning louder and louder.  Before long Lucy began to grind her vagina against my face, her vaginal juices coating my mouth and nose as she shuddered as her orgasm washed over her.When she had finished Angela walked over to Lucy and helped her to her feet.  The camera lady came closer taking in Lucy as Angela then untied the blindfold.  With that the ladies let out an enormous cheer and clapped loudly.  Realising the situation Lucy suddenly became embarrassed, flushing red and giggling.Angela announced to the crowd that Lucy had always fantasised about being fucked in front of an audience and that we were aiming to make that fantasy come true tonight.  With that Angela turned to Lucy and said "Happy 50th birthday darling.  That was just your starter." Grasping my erect penis she continued "Relax, unleash your inner slut and enjoy your birthday present" shaking my penis to emphasise the point.Her friends cheered and shouted encouragements. "Go on girlfriend,香港aa三级久久三级 fuck him or I'll do it for you", "You're only as young as the man you feel", etc.With that I helped Lucy to her feet, unzipped her dress to her groin and let it fall to her feet.  I reached around her back and unclasped her bra, with which her large breasts swung free.  Lucy stood naked apart from her stockings, suspenders and high heels.  She looked fantastic, her broad hips and long legs exaggerated by the stockings and suspenders.I began to brush my hands across her nipples loving the way I could feel the raised flesh of her areola against my skin.  I pulled Lucy towards me and began to passionately French kiss Lucy, my erection rubbing against her inner thigh.  My hands explored her hips and arse, her flesh extremely soft to my touch.Lucy began to respond to my kissing and as she pulled me tight against her body I could feel her nipples erect as bullets against my chest.  She then pulled away from me and knelt in front of my groin.  She gently drew back my foreskin and kissed the tip of my gland.  Looking up at my face she then slowly licked her lips and drew her tongue around the tip of my penis in a circular motion.In the background I could again hear her friends shouting crude encouragements.The camera lady dropped to her knees level with my penis focusing in upon our love making.  Lucy slowly slid her mouth over my penis and slid forward taking my cock deep into her mouth.  She then began to gently suck whilst drawing her tongue around my cock.After a few minutes Lucy drew away and laid back upon the table, parting her legs and then holding her pussy lips apart revealing the glistening folds of her pink pussy.  Looking me in the eye she commanded me "Slide your cock into me and fuck me hard".I began to ask Angela for a condom at which point Lucy said assertively "No condoms.  I want to feel your hot spunk deep inside me".  This drew an appreciative cheer from her friends in the audience.I didn't need any further encouragement and I positioned myself between Lucy's legs and taking my rock hard cock in my hand I slowly drew the tips over Lucy's wet vagina, lubricating my penis.  I slowly slid my penis into her warm wet vagina relishing the incredible feeling of being inside her.Grasping her hips I began to work my cock slowly in and out of Lucy's vagina. The camera lady again came into view focusing closely upon our engaged genitals.Lucy began to mutter encouragements to me "Work your young cock into me...  fuck my wet pussy...".  I began to increase the speed of my strokes in and out of her pussy.  As the speed increased Lucy seized my wrists and began to respond to my movements by rocking her hips towards me.  Before long she began to moan and told me "pump my womb full of your hot spunk".I could wait no longer and I began to shoot wave after wave of hot sperm inside her womb.  Lucy's face was an absolute picture, her eyes closed as she let another orgasm wash over her.I withdrew from her vagina and the Lucy lay with her legs wide apart my sperm trickling out of her open vagina.  The camera lady positioned herself between Lucy's legs capturing the flow of my sperm on camera.When Lucy had regained her composure Angela took the large black dildo and attached it to one of the chairs by the suction cup. The dildo was enormous, probably 10 or 11 inches in length with a very thick girth.  She squirted a large blob of the lubricant on the tip of the dildo and coated the whole thing using her hand.Facing the back of the chair Lucy stood with a leg either side and slowly squatted down guiding the tip of the dildo to her vaginal opening.  As she did so a large blob of my spunk dropped out upon the chair and dildo.Lucy tried to slide down onto the enormous cock but at first was unable to accommodate it into her vagina.  She slowly rubbed her vagina over the tip for a few minutes, relaxing and enjoying the sensation before trying to take it a second time.  This time she was successful and her pussy slowly stretched around the dildo straining to accommodate it.  Lucy closed her eyes and slowly slid down the cock until only an inch or so protruded.Angela seized the dildo control and turned the vibrator on a low setting.  Lucy continued to keep her eyes closed and a small smile spread across her face as she clearly enjoyed the feeling.Lucy slowly raised her hips a little before lowering them back down again.  She began to repeat the motion working the enormous dildo slowly in and out of her vagina.As Lucy's motion began to speed up Angela increased the vibrator speed.Angela then took to lube and squirted a large amount onto her fingers.  She smeared this over Lucy's anus before gently inserting the tip of one finger into her rectum.  Angela then put more lube upon three of her fingers and gently worked them into Angela's arse lubricating it thoroughly.Angela then walked over to me and squirted lube upon my flaccid penis.  She grasped my penis and began to spread the lube over my penis.  The sensation soon had my cock erect again.Angela then told me to fuck Lucy up the arse.  I knelt behind Lucy and positioned the tip of my cock at her anus and gently slid in the tip, just covering my cock to it's crown.  Lucy gasped as I did so and I gradually slid the remainder of my cock into her rectum until my penis was fully inside her tight warm opening.The sensation was intense, the mixture of her tight anus and the vibrating sensation of the dildo.I tenderly began to slide my solid cock in and out of her anus.  The camera lady zoomed in upon my cock working in and out of Lucy's body.  Lucy began to moan and screamed as the combination of the dildo and cock pushed her very quickly over the edge into another intense orgasm.  As her orgasm occurred I could feel her anal muscles clasp the length of my penis tightly.Lucy then told me that the combination was beginning to hurt and to withdraw from her backside.  As soon as I withdrew Lucy lifted herself off of the chair, removing the dildo from from pussy.Angela wiped my cock with a wet wipe before Lucy knelt in front of my cock and grasping my cock hard she began to wank my penis.  I could take no more of the action and ejaculated, squirting my hot cum over her chin and large breasts.With that the ladies began to cheer and applaud.  Lucy and I then showered together in the showers before she dressed and returned to continue the party with her friends.

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